Node #00: "Transitions"

6-13 April 2023

In April 2023 we presented a collection of works created employing coding to embrace the intersection of art and forms. 4 artists who come from different disciplines yet use code in their works were brought together in order to accentuate the lyrical relation of body, motion, vitality and transitional forms. 

Vesna Petresin’s video work UnFold_Gold ​​aligns how the body and emotions adapt to the passage of time through processes, rhythms and repetitions, as well as how the concept of time manifests itself through personal transformation, challenges and experiences. In Marhu & A*S*Y*S’ Hooked, energy meets the movements of the body, transpasses through glitches and finds itself in the body of another.

While two video shows the obvious Copy Planet Foundation and Ozan Turkkan’s works confronting to observe the abstract, Copy Planet Foundation’s ‘Coded Feelings’ transmutes the inherent complexities of existence into poetic digital forms that differentiate and change through the grid, inviting us to embrace the transforming reality through shifting landscapes. 

Ozan Turkkan’s “arura” AV Installation was created and produced as a part of a multi-layered digital archive research project focusing on transitional forms, biodiversity and the fractal geometric structure of biological forms in nature and the variability of this geometry over time

‘arura’ and ‘Coded Feelings’ are also presented as VR Installations for an immersive experience for the visitors. 

A workshop event by Ozan Turkkan was organised as an introduction to how to use code for creative and experimental projects. The exhibition has been curated by NODE Media Lab. 

Exhibited Artists:

Copy Planet Foundation

Marhu & A*S*Y*S

Vesna Petresin

Ozan Turkkan