NODE Media Lab is a Vienna-based non-profit multi-disciplinary creative establishment founded in 2021 with the main focus on research and production of interdisciplinary experiences around new media art, science and technology. Node Media Lab applies new media technologies in the creative process and builds a bridge between digital and physical reality by organizing digital art exhibitions and workshops to support local artists and people from the local community interested in new media art practices.

As an interdisciplinary and collaborative platform, NODE Media Lab concentrates on our relationship with technology, visual culture and performance in contemporary art. This practice is rooted in the traditions of avant-garde processes and experimental art-making and responds to the rapid pace of technological development. Its practices’ main focus is contributing to digitalisation and digital archiving, in Vienna, Austria and worldwide.


Favoritenstraße 40/23/16, 1040 Vienna

ZVR-Zahl: 1184479487


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