current exhibition

dream speed

Dream Speed

Video/VR/Audio Installation

3-17 May 2024 / Opening: May 2nd 

Curated by Leo Kuelbs (Concept and Video) and Vadim Schäffler (Concept and VR).

Visual Art by: Mohsen Hazrati, Hye Rim Lee, Eva Davidova and MX Oops, Sarah Oh-Mock, Dagmar Schürrer, Vadim Schäffler; Sound by Kris Force.

Every human being dreams. Some at night, others in daydreams.  Small fragments--images, surreal moments, short and open stories--confusion and longing.  All lived in different states, alternate realities.  Everyone knows the building blocks of dreams.

In today's world, the accelerating simultaneity of human events is often surreal and enraptured.  It comes out as random reportage, culled from the deep caverns of collective memory, as well as the personal.  At the same time, our digital counterparts examine their versions of this collective well and offer to create new dreams for us.  Thus, we now live in a world of accelerated dreaming.  On what plane, and in which ways, may human artists and their digital counterparts meet to collaborate, even struggle with each other, in the creation and ownership of dreams?  In the exhibition "Dream Speed" different artists deal with the range of the topic. 

Dream Speed is a multi-artist video, VR, and sound art experience that exists in the physical and (sub)conscious worlds. As a means of building bridges between states, Dream Speed uses typical, projected 3D digital-visual components, as well as VR environments of the same works. The soundtrack, created specifically for Dream Speed, explores and manipulates tempo to induce a trance-like state. Viewers can commune with work in physical, auditory, and VR spaces, paralleling levels and layers of consciousness.