"Angewandte Atlas"

Archive Digitisation; Research Project and Exhibition

21 June - 4 July 2023

Opening: Tuesday, 20 June

Supported by Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is an institution of diversity; being one of the first academies that female students were able to study, having 1700 students from 70 countries in 2021.

With this project, we demonstrated the demography of Angewandte in years focusing on the gender and geography of students. It emphasizes the growing diversity inside the community with the method of digitizing the archive and statistics, visualization of the data and turning it into an atlas of the cultural diversity of Angewandte.

As a multi-layered digital archive research project, the statistics were studied, re-analysed, and processed using data visualisation and creative coding tools. Data and the processing of these data embraced the interactive visualisation of the demography of Angewandte.

This interactive installation is a living body existing in continuous connection forms and a constant change of the cross-cultural structure of the university. The final work is exhibited as a video and digital print installation which reflects the evolution of cultural variety over the years. 

Research and Concept : Burcu Ozturkler

Art Direction and Creative Coding: Ozan Turkkan

Production: NODE Media Lab